Product Photography – In studio, on a white or black background
Pricing commercial photography is tricky as each project has unique needs and requirements. However, the pricing below gives you an idea of our affordability: For relatively simple photography, the first shot is $150, then $75 for each additional image. For complex photography (for example, extreme close-up macro photography), the price will go up from there. All final images include color balancing & sharpening of the final images. Final high-resolution images can be sent to you in RGB or CMYK. Low-resolution JPEGS are also included.

Family Photography
Pricing for family photography is $450. After our shoot I go through and pick out the best photos and edit them to make sure they look amazing. This usually ends up being around 30-40 photos. All images are 100% yours, with full printing rights.

Commercial On-Site Photography

Each project will be quoted individually.

Please shoot me an email so we can discuss your next photography project!